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The other week I was reading Ken Jennings’ book about trivia, Braniac, which was a terrifically funny read, and in it he mentioned that opossums have thirteen nipples, and the fact that opossums have thirteen nipples may seem trivial to most of us, but it’s of vital importance to the thirteenth baby opossum. This struck me as a great band name.

More or less concurrently I thought that a fun project for 2012 would be to review every single thing I do, see, watch, hear, eat, breathe, feel, experience or am in the vicinity of in the year of 2012. Now, knowing me, it is optimistic to think that this mighty project would last through April, but that’s no reason not to start it!

And it may seem pretty trivial to you, my spouting my opinions on everything and its mother, but there might be a thirteenth baby opossum out there somewhere who will be really glad that I did.

- Kymm Zuckert (aka The Mighty Kymm)
hedgehog at hedgehog dot net

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  1. Would love it if you would listen to/review the Inverse Delirium podcast! Heard about you through my old friend Kymm. ;-)

    PS. I like it as a band name too. Along with: The Third Clone of Leslie Nielsen, and AllOneWord.

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